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On Another Note 4: Investigate the Portuguese Man o’ War

Take a little gander at this siphonophore. “While the Portuguese Man o’ War resembles a jellyfish, it is in fact a siphonophore – a colony of four kinds of minute, highly modified individuals, which are specialized polyps and medusoids. Each such zooid in these pelagic colonial … Continue reading

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‘Re’duction: a theoretical discussion of the prefix ‘re-‘

Having no other eventful thing to write about, I give you this little paper I wrote for a Linguistics course in 2008. The prefix re-, in English, attaches to transitive verbs and alters their meaning so that the definition becomes … Continue reading

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Unicorn Knight Fight Publishes its First Ever Short Story

“What shot from the barrel was not a bullet but a word, big blocky font emerging one letter at a time like a scrolling headline … the word ONOMATOPOEIA traveling faster than sound toward the pilot’s head…” My new little … Continue reading

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On Another Note 3: Munch Munch

Jing Wei Studios, you have captured my heart.

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Lost in Cat Brain Land

Here is the exquisite little stuffed cat I made for Cameron Pierce‘s newest book: Lost in Cat Brain Land. It has brains and a tentacle coming out of its stomach. The tentacle ends in a cat paw. Lost in Cat … Continue reading

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Other Things You Should Read 7: Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland

I have already instructed everyone in the whole world to read Carlton Mellick III‘s strange and wonderful books. I like them more and more. The great thing about these books is that although they contain awkward and bizarrely pornographic scenes, … Continue reading

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On Another Note 2…

Oh No!

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