Other Things You Should Read 3: Zerostrata and My Fake War by Andersen Prunty

“My Fake War” follows its protagonist, Saul Dressing, an average, middle-aged library worker with huge, taloned feet as he is drafted by the military, abducted from his home and sent on a pointless and frustrating mission in the mysterious country of Grisnos.

My first introduction to the Bizarro genre was Prunty’s spectacularly surreal love/adventure story, “Zerostrata.” I was instantly a fan of the book, the author, and the genre. Since reading “Zerostrata” I have read a lot of Bizarro and “My Fake War,” my most recent read, was my first return to the wonderlands of Andersen Prunty. Some of the best characteristics of Bizarro fiction are exemplified in Prunty’s work, and in “My Fake War” especially: a skewed, but strangely familiar universe, simple, artful prose, and an engaging and exciting story.

I strongly believe that through the surreal and the weird, authors can present the most meaningful and accurate visions of the human condition. Prunty most definitely accomplishes this in “My Fake War.”

Show Mr. Prunty some love.


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