Other Things You Should Read 5: Carlton Mellick III

And especially: The Haunted Vagina

Carlton Mellick III is one of the most recognized faces of the Bizarro movement. His writing is prolific, he has published an unbelievable 25 books already and not a single one has been a disappointment to his fans. His stories range from the uncomfortably violent “Apeshit” to “The Faggiest Vampire,” a children’s book about a moustache competition in a vampire world.

My first introduction to Mellick’s writing was also among the first Bizarro pieces I read, a short story called “Candy-Coated,” about a man with a lollipop head. Since reading this story I have been in love with his writing and the worlds he is able to create. I still have several to read, but this is by far my favorite of his books so far.

“The Haunted Vagina” begins as a strange, awkward tale of a man’s expedition into his girlfriend’s haunted vagina. It journeys through the throes of blind, obsessive love but as the protagonist slowly wades out of worshipful obsession (and deeper into the world inside his girlfriend’s vagina), it becomes a story about starting over. And in the end it is a whole universe, a better, more sensible universe that is quiet, happy, and magical.

Mellick’s prose is simple, direct, and beautiful and the division of the book into acts paces it excellently. He is obviously a masterful writer, he has complete control over the universes he creates and knows exactly how to show them to the reader.


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