Good News Everyone!

In the past week, while I was lounging about at the Sylvia Beach Hotel on my honeymoon, Love in the Time of Dinosaurs was reviewed by three highly esteemed websites: Housefire, a sister project of Metazen, by Grant Wamack here at Spontaneous Combustion, and on Punktalk – the blog of famous author Jeffrey Thomas.

Here are some highlights from those dazzling reviews:

“Zany as a love story between a star-crossed Romeo and Julietsaurus sounds, Alene makes you feel the wistfulness, the longing, the heart-skipping magic of encountering your true love…as skillfully — MORE skillfully than many writers who work with strictly human characters.”

“Alene pens this beautiful story with crisp prose and keeps the adrenaline flowing and the pages turning.”

“I think that’s what they would like (and I don’t mean “they” in a bad way – I’m just talking about Dinosaur-Americans, my brothers from another time period), and even though it is not my battle, I will fight it, because I am in fact a white, lower-middle-class, idealistic democrat, and that’s what we do – we fight battles that aren’t ours and get super offended over absolutely nothing. Also, we use an accent when ordering mexican food in restaurants, and we really like hardwood floors. Also, we think writing angry letters will change the world. Also, we think Bill Maher is an asshole.”

I am very pleased that the book has been doing some work without me, it’s about time it started to pull its own weight around here.



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Author of Love in the Time of Dinosaurs (2010), Chiaroscuro (2009) and editor of Unicorn Knife Fight Webzine
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2 Responses to Good News Everyone!

  1. Kirk Jones says:

    Very cool! Hope all is going well! Enjoy the rest of the honeymoon, unless it is already over. Ours only lasted a night then it was back to the grind unfortunately.

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