I Read Odd Books NBAS week!

Anita Dalton at I Read Odd Books has just reviewed some New Bizarro Author books, including Love in the Time of Dinosaurs.

The great thing about Dalton’s reviews is their professional-writer-quality plot and writing analysis. She takes quotes and examples from the books themselves and offers unique and interesting readings. The addition of her own personal experiences and thoughts complement the academic observations and make the reviews worth reading as good literature themselves, even if you haven’t written (or even read) the book she’s reviewing.

Here are some things she said about Dinos:

“[Alene] has a spare, concise manner of word usage that conveys a lot of imagery without straying into being overly descriptive.”

“If you read this book and this scene does not make you feel like you sort of want to tear up, all I can say is fuck you because such deceptively simple writing affected me.”

In addition, Dalton gave away a free copy of Dinos to a reader of her blog! Yay!

I highly recommend checking out her blog if you’re looking for something odd and amazing to read.

Obviously, she has great taste.


About pterodactylsamurai

Author of Love in the Time of Dinosaurs (2010), Chiaroscuro (2009) and editor of Unicorn Knife Fight Webzine
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One Response to I Read Odd Books NBAS week!

  1. bizarrojones says:

    One of my friends from high school picked up a copy of your book a little while ago. She’s really getting into the bizarro movement now. Anita’s reviews have really helped me a lot. She’s even suggested the books to people on Goodreads, and we’re picking up more “to-read”s on there! Very cool!

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