Other Things You Should Read: Last Final Girl and A Pretty Mouth

These two books just came out from Lazy Fascist Press a few days ago. Oh boy, they’re both so good. This might be the fiercest, weirdest pairing ever conceived of. But actually, this coupling of books is a really good example not only of Lazy Fascist’s diversity, but their sameness as well. What do these books have in common?

Offensive intelligence and titillating gore/graphic sexuality. Way to go, LFP.


This book will save you.

In this, the smartest slasher ever written, Stephen Graham Jones does what every self-conscious slasher flick so far created has failed to do: be intelligent and entertaining at the same time. Jones knows this genre better than anyone, it seems and he is going to tell you why slashers are the most important thing that humans do. And it will have nothing to do with pleasing ancient gods, thank goodness.

Written with urgency, intelligence, intensity and almost movie-script like brevity, Last Final Girl whizzes past and is over far too soon. Which may be my only complaint. Not that there’s a shortage of meat in the meantime. Bare breasts, collapsed skulls, pig fetuses, old farm machinery, multiple villain situations, decapitation, creepy out-of-towner’s and an abundance of high school snark made me pause every three or four pages just to laugh, bask in the overwhelming violence, or check that all of my doors were locked.

Though I’m a big fan of his writing, this may be the first Stephen Graham Jones book that I recommend to every single person I know regardless of age, personality, or reading habits.


This book will disgust you.


After reading this book a second time, my conclusion is the same: Molly Tanzer has that gift I always wanted, the ability to change her writerly voice at the drop of a hat. Somehow, no matter what I write, it all sounds like an awkward cross between Toni Morrison and JRR Tolkien. Tanzer obviously does not have this problem.

A Pretty Mouth proves that Molly Tanzer is no novice at the fiction craft. With a voice that only gets stronger as she delves back into the Calipash lineage, she uses the twisted tale of a cursed gene which manifests in a diabolical twin-set every few decades to showcase her many literary talents.

The result is a book that could be called historical, romantic, Wodehousian, Lovecraftian, Victorian, Brontian, pornographic, bizarre or just plain Tanzerian.

An unprecedented success, a delightful nightmare, a spectacular debut.


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3 Responses to Other Things You Should Read: Last Final Girl and A Pretty Mouth

  1. nickthehat says:

    Sold! Both of them actually. 🙂

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